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  Local Housing Development Plan - Potential Sites

  Site Allocations Plan - Issues and Options - Consultation

  R15 - High St

  • The following details are taken from the Site Allocations - Issues and Options document published by Milton Keynes Council on 10 September 2014.
  • You are recommended to also consult the large number of other related documents on the Milton Keynes Council website.
  Size of site 1 ha
  Indicative site capacity 30
Potential High Street Housing Site
  Summary of site opportunities and constraints

The site is currently allocated as open countryside on the proposals map and is covered by the Area of Attractive Landscape local landscape designation.

It is a large, unconstrained field on the edge of the village. Development of the whole field would be inappropriate, but consideration could be given to the 1ha identified in the submission.

Consideration would need to be given to the conservation area immediately to the south of the site and the fact that the site lies on a key entrance to the village. There are no other obvious physical constraints to development. It is likely that the location of the site would make it highly attractive to property buyers.

  Summary of initial sustainability appraisal findings

The site is a greenfield site in an area of attractive landscape. It would be a desirable location and of modest enough size to fit with the surrounding development. Overall sustainability is low though due to poor connectivity to facilities.


  • This site was first put forward as a potential site for housing by J W Cook & Son in 1998, when Milton Keynes Council were preparing a previous Local Plan.
  • The response to the Parish Council's village questionnaire in 1999 was: YES 20, NO 197.
  • High Street residents have placed a notice next to the official MK Council notice adjacent to the site stating their opposition.

  Owners' Plans

  • The current owners of this site are R & S Shires (farmers) Ltd of Daventry. Mr Richard Shires submitted a Planning Application for outline planning permission to Milton Keynes Council on 3 September 2014. This was at MKC's request to support the Site Allocations Plan process. The planning application documents were published on the MKC website, but were subsequently withdrawn. The application has been re-submitted, with a validation date of 14 October 2014 and reference number 14/02002/OUT. The details are on the Milton Keynes Planning Public Access Area, where the public can register their comments on the Planning Application, which is separate to the Site Allocations Plan consultation.
  • They envisage building 36 houses on the full 4.2 hectare site extending all the way up to Hazelmead Farm, whereas MKC are only proposing 1 hectare (but with 30 houses).
  • Of the 36 houses, 25 would be for sale and the other 11 for social housing. For sale: 4 with 2 bedrooms, 5 with 3 bedrooms and 16 with 4+ bedrooms. Social: 4 houses with 2 bedrooms, 2 houses with 3 bedrooms, 4 flats/maisonettes with 2 bedrooms and 1 flat/maisonette with 3 bedrooms.
Owners proposals for High St site


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