Draft Plan:MK 2017

 Public Consultation

  • The public consultation on Plan:MK started on 17 March 2017 and runs until 9 June 2017.
  • The document can be read here: Draft Plan:MK
  • Comments can be made here: Consultation Portal

 MKC Cabinet Approval

  • The MKC Cabinet approved the release of the document for a 12 week public consultation at its meeting on Tuesday 21 February 2017. MKC hope to adopt Plan:MK by early 2019. Plan:MK will replace the 2005 Plan and the Core Strategy, and covers the period up to 2031.
  • The following document can be read in the CMIS section of the Milton Keynes Council web site:

Key Points

  • Sherington is only explicitly mentioned once by name, to note its existence as a heritage farming village.
  • Last year's controversial idea of large satellite developments based on villages such as Sherington has been abandoned.
  • The concept of 'Selected Village' (which included Sherington) in the Core Strategy has been abandoned. Instead, development in the villages will be as in 'made' Neighbourhood Plans - Sherington's is expected to be 'made' in a few months time if the examination and referendum are successful.
  • Development east of the M1 is planned for the period after 2026, depending on decisions relating to the Oxford-MK-Cambridge east-west corridor. This development area is alongide the A509 between Newport Pagnell and M1 Junction 14, west of Moulsoe.
  • It can be seen from the map below that the development of Tickford Fields (as proposed in the Newport Pagnell Neighbourhood Plan) and the proposed MK Dons Training Ground at Chicheley, which take development up the western side of the A509 Newport Pagnell Bypass right up to the Sherington boundary, are much closer to Sherington. Neither are mentioned in Plan:MK or shown on the Plan:MK maps.
  • The decision to leave planning within Sherington to the Sherington Neighbourhood Plan, rather than being specified at the Unitary Authority level, vindicates the decision made by the Parish Council back in January 2015 to prepare such a Plan.

  Sherington and the 2 developments are shown superimposed on Plan:MK Figure 1 below.


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