Interactive Map of Sherington

Warning: Google has recently added more labels to its base map: non-clickable small white text indicating names of buildings. Unfortunately, many of these are in the wrong locations. Ignore them and use the markers instead.

  • Use the controls to zoom in/out, pan or switch between satellite and map views. The map can be dragged to re-centre it. Double-clicking the map will zoom in, centred on the selected point. Point at a marker to get a 'tool tip' identifying the marker. Click on a marker to get a pop-up box containing more information and a link to related website pages.
  • Use the menu on the left to show only a particular group of markers. The menu will expand to show a list of that group. Click an individual item to highlight the corresponding marker and see the pop-up information.
  • Zoom out to see the parish boundary and places lying outside the main built-up area.
  • The map now includes StreetView - drag the orange pegman to the required location. Exit StreetView and return to the map by clicking the small X in the top right hand corner of the picture. Markers within about 100 yards or so of the viewing point will be visible (note: they may be referring to something hidden from view behind another building). To get the pop-up information whilst in StreetView, click on the menu rather than the marker.
  • For this map feature to work, Javascript must be enabled in your browser.

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  Sherington on Google StreetView

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