• Sherington is twinned with Saméon in north-eastern France, approximately 20 miles south of Lille.
  • The commun is situated between the A23 road and the Belgian border, midway between Lille and Valenciennes.
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  Twinning Association
Chairman: Donald Moffat
Secretary: Liz Blight
Treasurer: Jackie Inskipp, Tel: 216214
Committee: Nigel Blight, Barry Powell, Ruth Thomson, David Wright
  Twinning Association Newsletter January 2013
  • 2012 was a relatively quiet year in terms of events but we did stage our now traditional and very popular quiz in March with around 100 people participating. We held the members' barbeque in July at the Sports Pavilion and some 60+ members attended, many of whom entered the annual boule competition. It can safely be said that the afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all and made better by a particularly warm day with plenty of sunshine.
  • The main occasion of the year though was of course the visit by our French twins. This was on the weekend of 28th April, a bit earlier than normal because the next weekend the French election was taking place and our guests wanted to be at home for that. The majority of families arrived on Saturday at around lunchtime and we all met up at the White Hart. In the evening we gathered at the Village Hall for aperitifs followed by a pig roast and then some dancing. Last year 22 French came here and were all hosted by Sherington families. We will be going to Samson later this year, probably in May.
  • This year the association will have been going for 21 years following the inaugural meeting on 23rd September 1992 at what is now the restaurant area at the White Hart. We are thinking that the date should probably be marked in some way, more news on that later in the year.
  • For those of you who are already members of the association we would like to remind you that subs are now due and remain at the same price as last year - £10 per family. If you are not a member but would like to join or would like more information please contact a committee member as below. We would mention that it is not obligatory upon families to host a French family but you might find it very rewarding if you did, especially if you happened to have children of similar ages.
  • This year we are commencing with a musical evening details of which are attached. It promises to be an enjoyable event so get your names down for tickets as soon as possible as we are limited by the capacity of the Village Hall.
    Mick Inskipp

French Flag  
  Bonjour et bienvenue á nos amis de Saméon.

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