Member of Parliament

  • Sherington is part of the Milton Keynes North Constituency.
  • The MP is Mark Lancaster (Conservative), who lives in Olney.

  • Address: Mark Lancaster TD MP
                House of Commons
                SW1A 0AA
  • Tel: 0207 219 1575
  • Constituency Office: Suite 102
                                Milton Keynes Business Centre
                                Foxhunter Drive
                                Linford Wood
                                MK14 6GD
  • Tel: 01908 686830

  General Election and Predecessor
  • In the election on 6 May 2010, he received 23,419 votes (43.5%), whilst Andrew Pakes (Labour) received 14,458 votes (26.8%). The Liberal Democrat, Jill Hope, was third with 11,894 votes (22.1%). There were 6 other candidates who polled a total of 7.6%. The name of the constituency was changed to Milton Keynes North (from Milton Keynes North East) at this election, following boundary changes.
  • In the previous election on 5 May 2005, he received 19,764 votes (39.3%), whilst Brian White (Labour), who had been seeking re-election, received 18,009 votes (35.9%). The Liberal Democrat, Jane Carr, was third with 9,789 votes (19.5%).
  • Before the general election on 5 May 2005, the MP was Brian White (Labour), who has his own web site:

  Sherington Bridge Development - Letter to Sherington Residents
Our ref: QG/321                                                                                                            06 April 2006

Dear -----


A number of local residents have contacted me expressing concern at the advertised development of land adjacent to Sherington Bridge at the ideal home exhibition by a company called Sinclair Deville Ltd.

The company are offering several hundred plots starting at £14,950 per plot with a view to residential development.

I simply write to reassure you that having investigated the situation, to describe the proposals as 'speculative' would be an understatement. The company is one of many buying up agricultural land across the South East of England in areas of growth then advertising it as development land without any form of planning permission, a similar thing has happened recently near Bow Brickhill in the south of Milton Keynes.

Clearly no development can take place without planning permission and the likelihood of this being granted is dependant on how the land has been classified within the local plan. Having contacted the Council I can confirm that the land is classed as open countryside and is not earmarked for any form of residential development. You may be aware that Milton Keynes Partnerships recently consulted on the six expansion options for Milton Keynes running up to 2031 and the site was not included in any of these options either.

I understand that the advertisement of this land has caused some unrest locally but the likelihood of any development taking place in the foreseeable future is extremely low.

P.S. I have only written to one member of each household but I hope the issue is of interest to all.

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