Village Appraisal - Issues Report January 2004
  • The Parish Council is undertaking a Sherington Village Appraisal. It has organised a number of exercises to engage the community with varying degrees of success. The most recent event took place at the Village Hall on 25th October 2003. We feel that we have undertaken more than adequate general consultation. The time has come to act upon the identified issues and convert these into a programme of actions and priorities that we can share with all members of the community. The Parish Council wish to publish the draft Village Appraisal by the Summer of 2004. The Village Appraisal is part of the government's agenda for local government. It is those villages and communities that are seen to be pro-active that will attract additional funding. It will also help Sherington to achieve Quality Parish status, again helping the village to bid effectively for additional funding to be put towards identified projects. The Village Appraisal does not replace the Milton Keynes Local Plan which is the statutory document controlling development in the village.
  • The Village Appraisal will be a living document to be updated as events and circumstances change. It will be published in loose-leaf format so that updating is easy. Our intention is now to consult with village organisations and employers to gain their specific views. We will take these views on board and then publish the draft Village Appraisal. The Appraisal and Action Programme will then be published and subject to regular review thereafter. The Village Appraisal will include supporting information containing appendices including:
    • The History of Sherington
    • Design Statement
    • Extract from the Milton Keynes Local Plan
    • Conservation Area Plan
    • Aerial Photograph
    • Ordnance Survey Extract
  • We are therefore publishing our take on the key issues affecting the village in early 2004. Please contact us if you feel we have got things wrong or there are additions to be made. Details of how to make your views heard are set out at the end of this document. The Village Appraisal is being prepared at a time when there is increasing pressure to devolve responsibility for local maintenance.

  • The Olney to Milton Keynes cycleway - this is now a reality and the Parish Council has already organised a meeting where the village commented directly to Milton Keynes Council on the route options through the village.
    • Provision of safe walking and cycling routes.
    • Provision of public footpaths including a walk alongside the River Ouse
    • Provision of a community woodland
    • Preservation of the special heritage of the village
    • Addressing parking problems near the shops and schools
    • Perry Lane parking
    • Improving the quality of village maintenance including:
      • street lighting
      • kerbing
      • fly tipping
    • Pressing the utility companies to update the village infrastructure including:
      • foul drainage
      • surface water drainage
      • flood protection
      • the overhead electricity supply network
      • under grounding overhead cables
      • improving and maintaining footpaths
    • Securing the future of Sherington Mound
    • Managing the increasing flows of traffic and its speed through village
    • Dog Fouling

    2.0 ECONOMY
    • Provision of more local jobs
    • Support local businesses:
      • local garages
      • local shops and garden centre
      • local agriculture and horticulture
      • local pubs
      • local kennels
      • local builders and craftsmen
      • local small businesses working from home
    • Maintain/increase business activities including:
      • company offices
      • small businesses

    3.0 SOCIAL
    • more affordable housing.
    • better play areas for children
    • more focus on teenagers wants
    • more focus on older parishioners' needs (we are an ageing society).
    • managing Perry Lane Recreation Ground and providing additional facilities
    • more small meeting rooms
    • maintaining close liaison with the Police
    • supporting Sherington School to maintain its role and facilities
    • reaching a view on the proposed new secondary school for Olney
    • supporting the local bus service and investigating other innovative public transport modes

  • The following are active groups within the village (in no particular order) which need to be supported. The Parish Council would be particularly keen to hear from these groups and would be pleased to meet with them if required.
    • Sherington Youth Club
    • Sherington Football Club
    • Tuesday Coffee Mornings
    • The New Thursday Group
    • Sherington Indoor Bowls Club
    • The Beavers
    • Sherington Historical Society
    • St Lauds Church Parochial Church Council
    • St Lauds Choir
    • Village Hall Trustees
    • Village Hall Committee
    • Sherington CE First School PTFA & Governors
    • Sherington Pre-School
    • Sherington Twinning Association
    • Sherington Luncheon Club

  • The following table represents the beginning of an Action Plan. Please use it to fill in your priorities. The Parish Council has filled in a few columns by way of example.
Short TermMedium TermLong Term
Multi activity areaUnder grounding of overhead cables (responsibility of EME) 
Olney - MK cyclewayImprovements to Perry Lane Recreation Ground 
More jobs at Manor Farm  
  How to Respond
Contact Councillors:Telephone:
David Keene, Chairman
David Hyde, Vice Chairman
Bill Lewis
Peter Burton
Peter Cook
Sarah Jackson
Bob Finn
  • You can also download copies of the Village Appraisal documents in Microsoft Word format by simply clicking on the following links:


  • The Word format is often more convenient if you wish to print out a copy.
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