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  Local Housing Development Plan - Potential Sites

  Site Allocations Plan - Issues and Options - Consultation

  R13 - Smith's Yard

  • The following details are taken from the Site Allocations - Issues and Options document published by Milton Keynes Council on 10 September 2014.
  • You are recommended to also consult the large number of other related documents on the Milton Keynes Council website.
  Size of site: 1.1 ha
  Indicative site capacity: 15
Potential Smith's Yard Housing Site
  Summary of site opportunities and constraints

The site is currently allocated as open countryside on the proposals map and is covered by the Area of Attractive Landscape local landscape designation. It is separated from the village boundary by a series of residential properties along Water Lane, which could potentially be bought into the village boundary.

The site itself is in use as an industrial yard with several small businesses operating from old shed style buildings. Part of the site stores old cars and appears largely unkempt. Development of the site would improve the appearance of the site. Details of tenancies are not available, but these could affect the timing of any potential redevelopment.

Access to the site would be via Water Lane which has been upgraded but is very narrow in places with further potential for improvement limited. There are highway concerns that any redevelopment of the site should not lead to an increase in traffic movements along Water Lane. This would be likely to limit the potential capacity of the site (indicative capacity above reflects this but would need further investigation).

The quiet, edge of village location would be in a highly desirable location and would probably be very attractive to buyers.

  Summary of initial sustainability appraisal findings

The site is a brownfield site currently used for small-scale employment. Redevelopment would improve the appearance of the site although there would be difficulties in ensuring adequate access. Overall sustainability is low due to isolation from and poor connectivity to existing facilities.


  • This site was first put forward as a potential site for housing by the owners in 1999, when Milton Keynes Council were preparing a previous Local Plan. It was not considered further as the submission was considered to be too late for the review. It appears that it has not been considered further until now. It was not included in the village questionnaire issued by the Parish Council in 1999.
  • At the Parish Council meeting on October 2014, attended by a number of residents of Water Lane, concern was expressed about the effect of any re-development on traffic in the lane, which is narrow and has few passing places. A change from industrial to residential use will change the number of vehicles and traffic patterns.

  Owners' Plans

  • The owners, C H Smith & Sons Ltd, have circulated a leaflet around the village outlining their proposals for this site. They envisage replacing the industrial units with 8 new houses which, with the 2 existing houses to be retained, make a total of 10 properties, which is less than Milton Keynes Council's capacity estimate of 15. Further information can be obtained for Mr Ian Smith, Tel: 01908 216747.
Owners proposals for Smith's Yard Owners proposals for Smith's Yard


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